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Laser Tongue-Tie Treatment

A tongue-tie is when the strip of skin connecting a baby's tongue to the floor of their mouth is shorter than usual and restricts the range of movement of the tongue.

In a similar situation to a lip-tie, when babies have tongue-lie, breastfeeding becomes challenging. If an infant is unable to correctly latch onto their mother’s breast successful breastfeeding is almost impossible. Both the baby and the mother experience anxiety and stress as well as physical ailments.

If her baby cannot feed adequately a breastfeeding mother may develop sore nipples, blocked ducts, nipple and breast infection, and signs of low milk supply. Also the baby will find it difficult to thrive if they are not receiving enough breastmilk as well as other problems like reflux and colic. Long term dental problems as well as speech impairments can also result from tongue-ties.

Laser Tongue-Tie
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Examination of a baby for Tongue-Tie

A gentle examination of your baby is undertaken and part of this oral examination also includes an assessment of the infant’s latch while he or she is breastfeeding.


Laser Tongue-Tie Treatment

Revision of a baby’s tongue-tie has shown an increased range of movement allowing the infant to develop a more effective latch and improve the breastfeeding experience for both infant and mother.

Parents and physicians are very reluctant to place a little baby in an operating room and to have general anaesthetic so in many cases laser treatment is preferred as the baby is not cut. Laser treatments are safer than scissors, scalpels, and electrosurgical instruments. Lasers are also fast, efficient, and bactericidal.

Laser Tongue-Tie Procedure

The baby is gently wrapped in a blanket or swaddling clothes and goggles are also worn to protect their eyes. An anaesthetic cream is applied and sometimes a local anaesthetic may also be used. his procedure is also painless and takes about 2 to 3 mins to perform.

Please note that the laser tongue-tie procedure does not hurt your baby and mothers are encouraged to begin breastfeeding immediately. Most mothers experience immediate relief and indicate a deeper and better latch attachment. Mothers are given post-procedure instructions and the tissue is completely healed in about 6-10 days.

The Dental Surgeons at Paramount Dental Sydney are highly experienced as well as internationally awarded and recognised for their knowledge, so your baby is in excellent care. We encourage mothers experiencing breastfeeding problems to schedule an appointment as there may be a physical reason why your baby is having problems latching onto your breast



Medicare rebates and Healthcare cover may cover some of the costs associated with a laser tongue-tie procedure.