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Children & Family Dental Care

We believe in the importance of starting good dental hygiene practices from a young age and at the same time, making dental health something for the whole family. 

Paramount Dental Sydney have the skills and expertise to guide children as well as provide the dental treatments, operations and procedures to protect their teeth and repair any damage. This also includes dental care for babies and toddlers.

4 Top Tips for Kids Dental Health

  • Limit sugar intake

  • Ensure you provide a balanced diet with plenty of water

  • Have regular checkups

  • Teach kids how to brush and supervise brushing sessions

Babies & Infants

Done in one visit

A simple procedure


Toddlers & Children

Good habits start young

Fissure Sealants

A painless sealant to protect your children's teeth

A vital accessory for all active children



Special teeth straightening treatment plans for a special time of your children's lives