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Crooked, Spaced, Crowded Teeth


No matter what your age, having crooked, spaced or crowded teeth is no fun. Kids get teased at school and adults often suffer low self-esteem and confidence problems. Even worse, it can make it harder to brush, floss and keep your teeth clean making you a far greater risk of gum disease.

As you get older the long-term effects of crooked, spaced or crowded teeth on your overall health can be very serious. The stress on the jaw muscles often leads to headaches and chronic jaw, neck, shoulder and back pain. But treatment is available. Don’t delay contacting our team at Paramount Dental who are eager to help and guide you to excellent dental health.

Crooked, Spaced, Crowded Teeth

Treatment Options for Crooked, Spaced and Crowded Teeth

There are many different treatment options for crooked, spaced or crowded teeth here at Paramount Dental. We have the specialised skills and knowledge to personalise a treatment plan that is perfect for you.

Orthodontics (Teeth Straightening)


Metal & Coloured Braces
Ceramic Braces
Damon Braces


Inman Aligners

Removable Appliances

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Lingual Braces

Full Row Lingual Braces
Social Six Lingual Braces (STB)

Other Solutions

Tooth Extraction

Wether unexpected or part of your treatment plan, you may need an extraction