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Invisalign (Clear Braces)

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Invisalign is a method of orthodontic treatment which uses a series of clear, removable teeth aligners as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces.

Clear, Comfortable and Removable Braces

features of the Invisalign brace system is that the aligners can be removed when necessary, like when you brush and floss your teeth or a formal event or a selfie.

Invisalign factsheet…

The Invisalign Process

The whole process can take anywhere from 6 to 24 months.

When you begin treatment you’ll be wearing a set of aligners customised for your mouth and as the aligners gently move your teeth into position, you will be given a new set. You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks.

Decreased Treatment Time

One of the most common questions asked about Invisalign is the length of treatment, it’s much quicker than traditional metal braces. The average course of treatment for Invisalign takes about one year. You will be required to visit the Paramount Dental here in Sydney every 6 to 8 weeks for adjustments and to check your progress. Throughout the treatment process, you will receive a new set of custom moulded clear aligners every two weeks.

There is no set number of aligners for everyone, as each person’s teeth are different and require a different degree of alignment. While Invisalign will not be ideal for everyone, it has proven effective for a majority of dental patients seeking straighter teeth.

Your Confident Smile

No longer will you have to worry about going out in public with clunky braces. Invisalign clear design is almost invisible. In most cases, the only way other people will know you have them is if you tell them.


From $2,500
Several factors may vary and increase the cost of treatment. We can advise you of the full cost and provide a treatment plan after your first orthodontic consultation. 

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