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Bleeding Gums

If your gums are bleeding every time you floss or brush your teeth please book in for a checkup with our team here at Paramount Dental Sydney right away.

Your Bleeding gums might be caused by something simple or only be a temporary affliction but long term bleeding could be your body indicating a more serious problem.

Bleeding Gums

Causes of bleeding gums

The most likely reason your gums are bleeding is because of plaque and tartar buildup at the base of your gums. Left untreated this will ultimately result in gum disease. Listed below are some of the other causes of bleeding gums.

  • using a hard toothbrush and being too aggressive while brushing and flossing

  • infection in the tooth or gums

  • ill-fitted dentures and braces

  • hormonal changes due to pregnancy

  • medications to reduce blood clotting (thinning the blood)

Apart from these common causes, bleeding gums can also be indicators of more serious problems such as diabetes, scurvy and leukaemia.

Seeking advice For bleeding gums

When visiting our Sydney dental practice, please make sure to tell us everything you can about your bleeding gums. How long have they been bleeding? Does the bleeding occur every time you floss or brush? Are you taking any regular medications? Are there any other unexplained symptoms occurring with the bleeding?

We’ll also be asking you questions about your lifestyle, oral care practices and diet to pin-point the underlying cause and get you on a treatment program as soon as possible.