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Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Clenching and grinding your teeth while sleeping is a common problem and known in the dental profession as Bruxism. It is often related to stress and anxiety.

Grinding your teeth while asleep doesn't always cause symptoms but some people get facial pain and headaches. One of the worst affects of bruxism is the damage to your teeth and jaw which become worn away. Bruxism can also disrupt the sleep of your partner or family. Sleep bruxism should also be treated as it is frequently associated with other sleep disorders and pain concerns such as temporomandibular disorder.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Treatment for Bruxism

The professional team at Paramount Dental Sydney can treat the bruxism to help you stop grinding your teeth in a number of different ways.

Often an Occlusal Splint is used to protect your teeth during the night. These splints are designed to maximise function and ability to breathe properly so they not only protect your teeth but alleviate discomfort too. More than 70% of patients notice an immediate improvement after wearing Occlusal Splints.



From $650 for occlusal splints

Medicare rebates and Healthcare cover may cover some of the costs associated with teeth grinding (bruxism)