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Receding Gums

Receding gums is a gradual loss of gum tissue that exposes the roots of the teeth. It’s not usually something that happens immediately and is most common in patients over age 40. 

Because it’s not an acute condition and day to day changes in the gums are minimal, you may not initially notice any damage as you get used to the appearance of your gums. If left unchecked though your roots may become totally exposed and your teeth may become loose.

Receding Gums

Causes of receding gums

Your Genes
The quality and characteristics of your gums (like the rest of your body) are ultimately determined by your genes. If your parents have receding gums, there’s a big chance you will too.

Teeth Grinding
Grinding your teeth at night can cause many different dental issues including receding gums. 

Tooth Alignment
Ultimately controlled by your genetic makeup, if you teeth are misaligned or crowded the abnormal pressure on your teeth can cause the gums to recede.

Incorrect Brushing
Like tooth sensitivity, over zealously brushing your teeth and gripping that toothbrush way too tight can damage the soft tissue supporting your gums. It’s also very important to use a soft tooth brush.

If you have had an accident or sustained an injury to your mouth, jaw or teeth this may trigger the gums to recede.

Gum Disease
Not brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is the leading cause of gum disease. Gum disease will eventually destroy the structures that support the teeth in your jawbone and receding gums.

Treatment for Receding Gums

Having regular checkups with your favourite dentist here at Paramount Dental Sydney is a great way of ensuring any problems with your gums are identified early. If receding gums are recognised in the early stages you may be able to counteract the problem with a better flossing technique, using a mouth guard and a softer toothbrush as well as some scaling and cleaning by the dentist.

Gums that have receded to a point where the root surfaces of teeth are already exposed may require more intense treatment or surgery. It is sometimes possible to graft tissue to cover a portion of the exposed root surface and to reinforce the fragile, receding gum tissue to protect from further damage. 

Paramount Dental Sydney focuses on personal care and your long term oral health especially the prevention of gum disease and the loss of teeth from receding gums.