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Nasal Enhancement 

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Until recently if you wanted to change the look of your nose, your only choice was surgery: expensive, permanent and a long recovery time.

Paramount Dental Sydney offer the latest technologies in cosmetic treatments and our professional team can enhance your nose in a real lunchtime treatment (you can generally go right back to work).

Nasal Enhancement

Injectables for nasal enhancement

A nasal enhancement procedure is perfect for someone who has a pronounced bump on the bridge of their nose. We fill the area around the bump with a series of tiny injections using a facial filler. The illusion of a perfectly straight nose is created immediately. The main contributor to the ageing of your face is volume loss so injectable facial fillers are perfect for countering this problem.

The affects of injectable facial fillers last from 3-6 months depending on your genetics and lifestyle. This type of treatment for your nose does require maintenance and repeated investment, but many patients prefer this option to permanent and expensive surgery.

Because all injections come with risks (swelling, bruising, bleeding) you don’t want to trust a nasal enhancement or any other cosmetic treatment to anyone but a trained professional. The practitioners here at Paramount Dental Sydney have specialised skills as well as a detailed knowledge of the anatomy of your face. For this reason we believe we are the ideal practitioners to carry out these specialised cosmetic treatments.



From $275 per area

Several factors can vary and increase the cost of treatment. Our team will advise you of these during your consultation.