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Laser Gum Treatment (Deep Cleaning)

Laser gum treatment is used to treat gum disease, usually when the disease has advanced to periodontitis (or periodontal disease). 

If you have visible and physical symptoms such as bleeding gums, bad breath, sensitive teeth or receding gums, you may need laser gum treatment to stop the disease from advancing even further.

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Following a thorough examination of your mouth and a scale and clean of your teeth, your laser gum treatment can be carried out.

Below is a brief clip of the laser gum treatment procedure to show you how we can thoroughly clean the root cause of the periodontal disease. 

  1. A local anaesthetic is given to your gums.

  2. A laser is used to remove a thin layer of lining which sits between your teeth and gums. This first step removes some of your damaged gum tissue and makes way for access to the calculus which will be attached to your teeth, below the gum line.

  3. A water spray removes the calculus from your teeth, below the gum line, removing the infection.

  4. We then check the surface of your teeth for any remaining infection. If calculus remains on the teeth, we use the laser to remove it.

  5. Following this your treatment is completed.

Note: Should the extent of your infection be considerable, you may need to come back for follow up laser gum treatment.

After Procedure Care for Laser Gum Treatment


  • Follow a soft-food only diet for 5 days. This will allow for optimum healing of your gums.

  • Continue to brush your teeth as normal, twice daily.

  • Be aware, it is normal to experience swelling, bleeding and tenderness after the procedure.


  • Be careful not to bite your tongue or cheek while the anaesthetic is wearing off.

  • Try not to touch the area with your tongue or hands.

  • Don’t consume alcohol or smoke for at least 24 hours to allow healing.

  • Avoid spicy, hard, chewy and sticky foods for 2 weeks.

  • No excessive or forceful spitting to avoid bleeding.

  • Avoid hot drinks and foods, crunchy foods, seeds, small grains and soft drink for at least three days.

  • Avoid rigorous rinsing and cleaning for several days, and afterward clean very gently.

  • Contact us if you experience excessive or prolonged pain, bleeding or elevated temperature.

After Procedure Care factsheet for
Laser Gum Treatment


  1. The best prevention for gum disease is proper and regular oral health care. Brushing twice daily and flossing daily is recommended.

  2. Secondly, regular six monthly visits with your dentist is important. We will be able to provide medical grade cleaning and uncover any problems you may be developing, before they get worse. Regular visits and cleaning with us is very important for patients who have a previous history of gum disease.


From $650
Several factors can vary and increase the cost of treatment, including:

  • If you need both top and bottom arches treated

  • The extent of the gum disease

  • The number of visits needed