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Meet Our New Dental Hygienist


If you’re a regular patient then you’ve probably already met Paramount Dental Sydney’s new dental hygienist, Phoebe. This dedicated new staff member will be involved in all aspects of patient care, with a strong focus on education and holistic health. Phoebe has been with Paramount for a number of months, and in that time she’s made a huge difference in the lives of so many patients. So if you’re interested in how Phoebe can help improve your oral health, here’s some information about what she does here at Paramount Dental Sydney.

Phoebe’s Role at Paramount Dental Sydney

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Phoebe is a dental hygienist, a role that’s radically underused in most dental practices. In fact, her role is highly diverse and requires a broad skill range and a real passion for the work she does. As Phoebe says, “I focus on patient care using a holistic approach to dentistry and concentrating on preventative measures. I also help with diagnosing and tracking gum disease and cosmetic procedures such as whitening.”

But Phoebe doesn’t just focus on specific treatments. In fact, the most meaningful part of her role has to do with educating her patients to take care of their own oral health. According to Phoebe, her role has “…a really big focus on patient education, which encourages patients to become involved in active maintenance and care of their oral health.”

Procedures and Treatments

Phoebe provides a range of treatments at Paramount Dental Sydney. As Doctor Oberoi puts it, “She’s a specialist dental practitioner. Her role is to focus on the gums and maintenance work.”

To that end, you’ll probably see Phoebe if you visit the dentist for some of the following treatments:  


Phoebe’s Favourite Part of the Job

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Phoebe finds her job stimulating and rewarding, but there is one part of it that gives her an amazing sense of accomplishment and personal pride. As she points out, her job is “…helping people with their overall health, but also helping them maintain a healthy mouth for the whole of their lives. There’s an old statement about how when you get old your teeth fall out, but that just isn’t true. These days, as long as you take care of your mouth, you can keep your teeth for your whole life. I’m really passionate about sharing what I know with patients to help them with that.”

Working with the Paramount Team

As most people know, it isn’t just the work that makes a great job. It’s also the surroundings and the team. In fact, this may be the most important part of the job. If you love your work but can’t stand the people you work with, you probably won’t be very happy in your job. Fortunately, that’s not a problem for Phoebe, as the team she works with is one of the best parts of her job.

She says, “It’s a dream place to work. I love my job and it’s really because of where I am and the team I’m with. We’ve got the best and the most supportive team, and all the best and latest equipment too.”

What’s Special about Paramount Dental Sydney?

As a relatively new staff member, Phoebe has a unique view on the dental surgery and their work. And what she’s seen has made her eager to stay and be a part of Paramount’s work:

“Everyone is very progressive in their approach and up to date. But what’s really special is our approach to anxious patients. We get a lot of nervous patients through the door and they convert really quickly into regular patients. The staff all work really hard to help them overcome their fears, and it works.”

Paramount Dental Sydney Says

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So if you need help with your oral health, make an appointment with us here at Paramount Dental Sydney. Phoebe and the rest of our caring and expert staff can help you find a dental routine that works for you.