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New Life For An Historic Dental Practice

Paramount Dental Sydney

At 185 Elizabeth Sydney, up on level 6, a long line of dentists have been making people smile for over a century. Rebranded as Paramount Dental Sydney, suite 601 now welcomes a fresh new look and a string of new benefits for patients. 

Situated in the historical St James Trust Building, the practice is distinctively unique. It has been the only dental practice in the building and remains so to this day. Rebranded in June this year, Kiwi educated dental surgeon Dr Amrinder Oberoi has big plans for the practice and how it can grow to best serve the local community. 

“As soon as you step into our practice, our focus is on you. Our goal is to provide every customer with an ultimate level of service and experience", Dr Amrinder says. 

“I have always been a happy person and as I grew older, I just loved to smile.  My smile has always been very important to me and it was in my final year of high school when I just knew I had to become a dentist."

In addition to quality customer service, the focus of Paramount Dental Sydney's digital service centres around the website, which is currently being developed. 

"Our website will act as an online resource which patients can use to educate themselves on all things dentistry, kind of like a library", says Dr Amrinder.

The website lets patients make appointments online, via the bookings page, provides an extensive list of self help resources for new patients and easy to read pages containing information on all treatments provided including, information on causes, procedure guides, after procedure care tips, prevention advice and costs.




"It is important that we give our patients variety. People have busy lives and providing extra online services makes things easier for everyone", says Dr Amrinder. 

"We have only just started but our website will include video clips on all procedures, as well as hygiene advice for kids and families and fact sheets that can be downloaded or shared with loved ones, it's very exciting."

Dr. Amrinder expects nothing but the best for his patients, as he personally understands the importance of dental health and having a healthy smile. To assist with providing patients with affordable ongoing dental health care, Paramount Dental Sydney will be introducing memberships.

“Our memberships will entitle patients to special offers and discounts. We understand that prevention is key, so providing incentive to regularly come for checkups is important for all patients."

“Even a simple clean can make a world of difference,” he said.

The practice is fitting new equipment to enable the team to offer the best dental services available. 

“All our equipment is up-to-date and we are excited about using the latest laser technology for root canal and gum treatments," said Dr Amrinder.

Dr Amrinder has performed thousands of laser root canal treatments in his years practising in Sydney and looks forward to offering this treatment to new patients.

To last the test of time the team acknowledges there are challenges to maintaining a great service for patients in Sydney's CBD. As such, Paramount Dental Sydney will provide parking for patients who need it, extended trading hours, an after hours dental emergency service and easy methods for people to give feedback and read reviews.




“We are injecting new life into the practice which reverberates through to the satisfaction of our customers”, Dr Amrinder says. "As well as parking, operating from 7am to 7pm weekdays and our after hours service, we want to be transparent with patients from beginning to end".

The team has established an after hours emergency dental service, "We created Emergency Dentist Sydney because patients all over the city are in need. The service is dedicated to educating patients on pain and unexpected damage to teeth, as well as their treatment options should they find themselves in need of after hours care".

Topping off the enthusiasm of the new team, the practice will offer great benefits to patients in the form of offers.

"We have to listen to what our patients want and they always ask us about teeth whitening orthodontics and facial injectables," says Dr Amrinder about the new vouchers they have setup for patients. 

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