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Removable Appliances

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A removable appliance is an orthodontic brace made from a plastic plate with wires coming from the sides. The wires grip the teeth to keep the brace in place. Removable dental appliances have a few different uses including the alignment of single teeth as well as widening the upper or lower arches.

For removable dental appliances to be effective you must wear them all the time unless you are playing sports. When you first begin wearing a removable orthodontic appliance it’s probably going to feel strange because the plastic plates tend to occupy a bit of space in your mouth: most patients quickly used to it. Also In the first few days, the mouth tends to produce more saliva than usual as the brain interprets the orthodontic appliance as food. This sensation usually stops after one or two days. You will require regular appointments for adjustment and monitoring of your appliance but if you experience any irritation of the cheek, gum or tongue, our dentists here at Paramount Dental Sydney can make adjustments so it will be more comfortable.

Removable Appliances

Caring for your removable orthodontic appliances

Because removable appliances can be removed they are very easy to clean. This also makes it simple for you to maintain good dental hygiene as you are able to continue normal brushing and flossing. You clean the orthodontic appliance using a special cleaning solution and our orthodontists will give you special advice on how to keep it clean. You must also keep your removable appliance in a safe place when not being worn as they are easily lost.


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Several factors may vary and increase the cost of treatment. We can advise you of the full cost and provide a treatment plan after your first orthodontic consultation.