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At Paramount Dental Sydney we offer a full range of  general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry treatments.

General Dentistry

Whether unexpected or part of your treatment plan, you may need an extraction

Care, extractions and after procedure care

Pulp Extirpation

If the pulp is badly infected, an extirpation is carried out to save the tooth

Sedation Therapy (Anxious Patients)

Relieve the stresses you feel with coming to the dentist with sedation therapy




24 hour 7 day care, same day appointments, affordable pain relief and root canal treatment

Relieve pain today, dentists with extensive experience in dental emergencies and pain free treatments

Save your teeth today, alleviate trauma to the gums, payment options available for treatment plans

Emergency tips for toothache, acute pain, cracked and broken teeth, stuck objects, dislodge teeth and more