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Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth is a common problem and usually identified when you feel discomfort eating ice cream or drinking hot coffee.

A visit to our team of professionals at Paramount Dental Sydney can help you identify if you just need to start using a desensitising toothpaste or whether there is a more serious problem.

Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity Explained

Teeth sensitivity is usually a sharp, sudden and shooting pain in your teeth after eating something very cold or drinking something very hot. At other times it may be the wincing pain you feel when brushing your teeth or trying to floss. 

When the enamel or cementum on your teeth wear away, a sensitive layer of living tissue called dentin become exposed. Now when you eat that hot soup or suck on an ice cube the exposed dentin is directly stimulating the nerves in your teeth. Ouch!

Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

  • Gripping your tooth brush too tightly and over zealously brushing your teeth. This wears away the tooth enamel.

  • Having too many acidic food and beverages in your diet. This erodes the teeth.

  • Eating too many sugary foods. This increases bacteria in the mouth and leads to eroding gums.

  • Having receding gums that leave your root surface exposed.

  • Grinding your teeth at night. This is known in the dental world as Bruxism.

  • Tooth decay, worn leaky fillings and broken teeth can also expose the dentin of your tooth.


Treating Sensitive Teeth

If you have been using a desensitising toothpaste for a few weeks without any noticeable improvement you should have your teeth checked without delay. The team here at Paramount Dental Sydney will begin diagnosis and establish a personalised treatment plan.

We often begin by applying a fluoride gel or special desensitising agents directly to the affected teeth. Sometimes treatment may be as simple as fixing a cavity or replacing a worn filling. However when the problem is being caused by tooth decay or receding gums a more robust treatment may be necessary. 

The most important thing to remember though is teeth sensitivity can be fixed, so please don’t increase the number of days you are in pain. If you live in the greater Sydney area, Paramount Dental Sydney is here to help.