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Forehead Wrinkles

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The forehead is one of the first places to age in the face and cosmetic treatments to this area are among the most popular requested by our patients. Wrinkling of the forehead is a common concern for both women and men.

The reason our forehead wrinkles is because a muscle called the frontalis muscle contracts every time we lift our eyebrows or express different emotions. Over time these habits form permanent wrinkles along the forehead. The forehead also loses volume with ageing which makes it appear flatter and the bony outline of the skull becomes more evident.

Forehead Wrinkles

Treating forehead wrinkles

Treating forehead wrinkles is achieved with a series of tiny injections with a facial filler also known as dermal fillers.  These injections reduce the contraction of the frontalis muscle by preventing the transmission of the nerve signal to the muscle, as well as adding volume to the facial areas. Taller foreheads may require more injection points to attain a more even result.

The injections are temporary in nature, lasting from 2 to 4 months on average and the treatment begins to take noticeable affect after about 4 days. Often patients request an eyebrow lift in addition to a reduction of forehead lines as it can further reduce the impact of the frontalis muscle contracting. This is achieved by treating the central parts of the forehead only, and leaving the areas above the tail of the eyebrows.

Practitioners at Paramount Dental Sydney have many years of specialist experience in the use of anti-wrinkle injections and facial fillers for cosmetic treatments. We have a thorough consultation process so we can fully understand your aesthetic goals, and use our expertise to guide you. We hold additional certifications enabling us deliver these cosmetic procedures safely and are also members of The Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA).



From $275 per area

Several factors can vary and increase the cost of treatment. Our team will advise you of these during your consultation. 

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