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Dammed If You Don't

Choke-Free Dental Treatments

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Before you have an appointment with a dentist, you need to know that you’re going to be safe and comfortable during your procedure. That’s why you need to know more about dental dams. Paramount Dental Sydney uses dental dams for most procedures because it’s safer and healthier for patient and dentist. They’re also a quick and simple way to make patients more comfortable and improve the outcome of treatments. For a quick rundown on dental dams and why they’re used, keep reading.

What are Dental Dams?

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Dental dams are six-inch, thin sheets that are used during procedures to isolate one or more teeth from the rest of the mouth during treatment. They basically look and act like a sheet that covers most of the mouth. Your dentist will puncture holes in the sheet that expose only the tooth or teeth that need to be worked on. This may sound a little uncomfortable, but most patients actually prefer that their dentist use a dental dam because it keeps the mouth drier. As a result, you won’t experience that feeling of having too much liquid and other fluid in your mouth during procedures, and you won’t have to worry about choking on it.  

Dental dams also keep saliva out of the treatment area, which lowers the risk of contamination by microorganisms from the rest of the mouth. It keeps the area drier so that filling materials dry quicker, and protects the other teeth and gums from accidental impacts with surgical instruments.

Dental dams can be used during most dental treatments. According to Doctor Oberoi at Paramount Dental Sydney, “We use them for fillings, while removing restorations, and root canals. Basically they’re useful for any type of procedure.”

When are Dental Dams Used?

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Dental dams can be used during most treatments when your dentist is working on a single tooth or several teeth grouped together. Obviously, they can’t be used during procedures like cleaning or whitening treatments, but if you have a root canal, filling, or need other work done in an isolated area of the mouth, then a dental dam can make the procedure more pleasant for everyone. As Doctor Oberoi says, “You can use them on anyone, during any procedure. If someone has an allergy, we have non-latex dams, so there aren’t any times they can’t be used.”  

However, if you don’t want your dentist to use a dental dam, then you can just let them know. Some patients find that dental dams make them feel stifled, anxious, or make it more difficult to breathe. So if you experience any of these feelings, just let your dentist know so you can discuss your options.

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