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The Importance of Wearing A Mouthguard

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If your child plays sport they may need to wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards provide protection for the teeth and gums from impact or injury. They can save you a lot of time and money, as well as a traumatic trip to the dentist. To help you decide if your child needs this protection, we’ve created this quick guide to sport, kids, and their oral health.

Why buy a mouth guard?

Mouth guards protect your children’s teeth and mouth from impact or injury. Some sports are extremely physical and carry a strong chance of children getting hit in the face with a ball, bat, or even another child’s knee or elbow. As Dr. Amrinder from Paramount Dental Sydney says “The consequences of not wearing one and getting hit in the face can be very serious and very expensive.” These consequences include the loss of a tooth or teeth, as well as damage to the sensitive tissues of the mouth. Mouth guards protect your kid’s oral health while still allowing them to play the contact sports they love so much.

When should kids wear a mouth guard?

Australians love their sport and every season there is a new sport to cheer for. And kids love their sport as well. This is great because it gives them physical exercise, teaches them discipline and self-control, and can be a lot of fun. However, some sports can also be dangerous. As the spring and summer season gets underway, this is something that you need to think about. If your child plays AFL, any other type of football, hockey, or does boxing, they definitely need a mouth guard.

Why buy a custom made mouth guard?

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You can buy mouth guards over the counter these days. They’re fairly cheap and they work reasonably well. So why would you buy a custom made mouth guard? Custom made mouth guards are designed to fit perfectly to the unique shape of your child’s mouth and teeth.  This means that they’re more comfortable to wear so you won’t have to argue with your kid about using them. Custom made mouth guards also come in a variety of colours to fit with your child’s preferences. Your kid will actually want to wear the mouth guard if they get to choose the colour and like the way it looks.

How your dentist makes the mouth guard

Making a mouth guard is fairly simple. Your dentist will make an impression of your child’s mouth and teeth during a visit. You can then return home and come back a week later for the mouth guard. In this second appointment, your dentist will make sure the mouth guard fits properly, and give you some tips on proper care and maintenance. It’s literally that simple!

Paramount Dental Sydney Says

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If your child plays a lot of sport, bring them to see us here at Paramount Dental Sydney. With our custom made mouth guards, we’ll help you keep your kids safe no matter what sport they play.